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从CES 2021起–推动虚拟道路

奥迪运动ABT舍弗勒的E级方程式赛车手Lucas di Grassi。

我们都渴望“正常”的CES,我们大多数人都会飞往麦卡伦 机场,然后乘坐Uber或班车前往他们的酒店。对于那些 surrounding 内华达州,亚利桑那州,加利福尼亚州和犹他州的地区,参加CES之旅非常有意义 –尤其是对于那些精通技术的人,他们拥有最新的ADAS(高级驾驶员辅助系统)以帮助简化旅程。特斯拉的自动驾驶仪,通用汽车的 SuperCruise和福特即将推出的Active Drive Assist可以让消费者将手放开,但是他们仍然需要时刻关注路面,而不必为整车负担 attentiveness. One industry worried about semi-autonomous vehicles is regional airline travel. When someone can enjoy the comforts and infotainment of a modern vehicle, and have most of the driving left to semi-autonomous systems, who would want to deal with the headaches of long delays and the TSA? We all will return to CES in person, and the semi-autonomous technology being 引进 in 2021 will help ‘drive’ the radius of people commuting to the show by car even farther. 

通用汽车在主题演讲中非常看好汽车的电动化。该技术需要很长时间才能融入车队的低端,但对于悍马HV和瓦特这样的出色车辆 To Freedom (WTF!) acceleration launch mode, 它使电兴奋。 The company even tied in the Bose audio system to bring the soundtrack of ‘power’ during the Watts to 自由 mode. 通用汽车正在与合作伙伴LG合作开发内部新电池技术,以尝试获得60 percent 与当今的技术相比,其功能更加强大。 The company’s 计划在未来五年内在全球推出30款新的电动汽车。 其中一些技术将用于 GM’s new BrightDrop subsidiary focused on electric delivery vans. FedEx will be 通用汽车 first customer for the vans, 设计用于承载称为EP1的互补电动托盘。 

Audi also 引进 its fully 电动跑车概念,e-tron GT. Audi claims 0-60 MPH 加速 numbers in around 3.5 seconds. It uses a lithium-ion battery with an energy content of more than 90 kWh, which takes up the entire underfloor area between the front and rear axle with its flat design. This is typical of the ‘skateboard’ design similar to what Tesla and Rivian use to package the ‘powerplant’ efficiently. 的 advantage of this design is the extremely low center of gravity with its handling benefits. 的 center of gravity is comparable to the gasoline-powered Audi R8 supercar. 

借助复杂的DSP和顶篷/座椅安装的传感器,为不同乘客提供离散音频已成为现实。会议期间 车辆技术创新消费者想要 Andrew Poliak, 首席技术官 of Panasonic, mentioned upcoming technology that can help keep the sanity of all vehicle occupants. “Audio bubbles could soon become a reality in vehicle interiors. Private-zoned audio environments are not just for private-zoned audio. Companies have demonstrated we can create a listening environment that the person sitting next to you does not hear. But I think you can take it to extra lengths that will be interesting, such as ‘whisper agent’ where you can have navigation prompts directed to the driver and the rest of the car will not be able to hear it. My kids have the problem with TikTok… when the navigation prompt interrupts them just as they are trying to get famous!”  


塞贾德·汗, Vorstandsmitglied der Mercedes-Benz AG und 首席技术官 // 塞贾德·汗, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and 首席技术官

梅赛德斯(Mercedes)重新定义了仪表盘和信息娱乐中心堆栈可以做什么, 随着2018年A级车型的推出。那是革命性的,因为对于美国消费者而言 introduced 技术上最 先进的信息娱乐系统 价格最低的模型。该策略有望吸引吸引年轻且精通技术的客户,他们将继续留在该品牌中。现在,随着梅赛德斯MBUX的推出,梅赛德斯将流动大屏幕的概念进一步提升了 Hyperscreen 它将在旗舰电动EQS轿车上首次亮相。它从A柱延伸到 A-Pillar with a gentle curvature along the way (just like the 新 Cadillac Escalade unit). 的 passenger also gets a display and can get into the infotainment action. With 新ly 梅赛德斯(Mercedes)开发了AI,试图消除传统的菜单层,从而更容易更改广播电台或输入导航地址。相反, 最重要的应用程序总是以情景和上下文的方式在顶层提供。 这样,EQS驱动程序无需执行许多操作步骤, 使其更容易,更安全。 根据梅赛德斯 CTO Sajjad Khan, “The MBUX Hyperscreen 是汽车的大脑和神经系统。 The MBUX Hyperscreen 不断地更好地了解客户,并在乘员甚至无需单击或滚动任何位置之前提供量身定制的个性化信息娱乐和运营产品。”他继续, “the MBUX hyperscreen 连接到车辆的所有组件并与其通信。这允许互动和个性化的新形式。这是因为客户是发展的中心。我们分析了第一代[A级] MBUX的客户反馈,并问自己:‘人们需要什么?他们如何在车上互动?尤其是电动汽车?’ The goal was a concept without distraction of the driver or complicated operation. And it had to be able to learn thanks to artificial intelligence: 的 MBUX Hyperscreen 通过在乘客单击任何东西之前提供定制的,个性化的信息娱乐和运营服务,越来越了解客户。我们不想在汽车上制造最大的屏幕。取而代之的是,我们开发了具有完美比例的尺寸和功能的特殊屏幕,以实现最大程度的用户友好性。这就是2021年的客户导向和数字化思维!”   


先锋展示了其新产品阵容,并且有两个突出之处。首先是专为Lilliputian供电的超低音扬声器 狭窄的空间,包括乘客脚部空间。我们认为这对于不愿放弃任何额外行李箱空间的混合动力车主将是一个打击。 TS-WX010A紧凑型有源低音炮具有D类放大器, 正如预期的那样,重量不到4磅。 它具有矩形内部 woofer, and 可以连接到RCA或扬声器级输入。泰德·卡德纳斯(Ted Cardenas),副总裁 marketing, 笔记说:“随着TS-WX010A的推出,先锋公司推出了独特的解决方案,旨在通过深度,强大的功能来增强聆听体验。 低音,同时在物理,电气和最重要的声学上无缝集成到车辆中。 电动和混合动力汽车的普及性和可用性都在增加,但升级这些汽车的音频对于传统的大型和重型有源低音炮而言是挑战。” 汽车音响发烧友一直在寻求实现“低音前置”效果–也许要实现前置自然低音的最简单方法之一就是将低音炮置于前置! 先锋产品的另一种产品是主机头,旨在使安装更加简单灵活 配置的仪表板。 The DMH-WC5700NEX is the latest Pioneer modular in-dash receiver that expands its lineup of products designed to provide vehicles with limited or restricted dash space an in-dash upgrade solution. 的 DMH-WC5700NEX includes Alexa Built-in, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. But the icing on the cake for installers is the availability of two extension cables (a shorter one and a longer version) so you can mount the ‘brain’ of the package separate from the faceplate. A lot of 新er vehicles just don’t have the ability to swallow a double-DIN headunit 在工厂收音机的腔内。卡德纳斯说 “通过DMH-WC5700NEX,先锋公司为许多不同的车辆提供了汽车升级解决方案,这些车辆对于安装售后仪表盘接收器通常是极为严格的甚至是不可能的,包括几款流行的最新款雪佛兰车辆,例如Silverado和卡玛洛通过这种解决方案,这些车辆的所有者现在可以选择添加Amazon Alexa,Android Auto,Apple CarPlay等,以增强和升级他们的驾驶体验。” 它计划于今年夏天在街上亮相-赶紧安装热棒。 


Alpine also 引进 a slim head unit to help counteract the installation challenges of shallow dashboard cavities. 的 Alpine iLX-407 features Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth in the small mech-less unit. One notable feature is the ability of the unit to easily hook up to Alpine’s Power Stack small amplifiers that can power a small subwoofer system. 的se little amps bolt right up to the back of the iLX-407 head unit if the install has room for a traditional double-DIN. Mike Anderson, VP of Alpine 笔记, “在广受欢迎的iLX-W650取得成功之后,我们寻求创建一种解决方案,以更多的功能捕获客户对iLX-W650的喜爱。 这些功能以及价格将巩固iLX-407,使其成为市场上影响最大的音频升级之一。” 

行动地面& Pound with Kicker 

即使随着自动驾驶和信息娱乐技术的发展,对老式汽车音频和保真度的需求仍然存在。很高兴看到超低音扬声器的新设计。在CES上, Kicker showed off its Innovation Awards subwoofer: 的 Solo X L7X. It was a ground-up reimagination of the original and 激进的Solo X方形低音扬声器。踢球者想设置世界一流的机械游览和音乐水平。史蒂夫·艾比, president and founder of Kicker, notes, “我们很高兴获得创新奖。这是原始Solo X的彻底改进版本,我们为使其成为现实而付出的大量工作和创造力得到认可,真是太好了。”它将提供10英寸,12英寸和15英寸版本,供那些希望将恐惧打入无辜行人心灵的人使用。 Irby说:“新型Solo X的概念是将其带入一个新的高度。” “它的设计公差非常严格。它具有更大的动力,更大的行程,更多 Xmax, and still has a field-replaceable cone. 的 新 design allows the Solo X to be extremely loud, but also be extremely musical.” 的 no-glue reckoning system uses a unique surround compression system and bolt-on spider landing, and 专为仅需几分钟即可进行扬声器维修而设计。 该系统来自Kicker参与的SPL消音活动,在这些活动中,低音扬声器被推到极限,而在回合之间进行修复的能力对于赢得比赛至关重要。   

Even though we were not able to connect in person at CES 2021, it remained a viable launch pad for 新 OEM and aftermarket vehicle technologies. Perhaps in time for CES 2022 we will have an electric 具有自动驾驶功能的车辆将我们送往拉斯维加斯。我们需要的是一些售后信息娱乐和音频升级,以最终回到展会。