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Putting 的 Customer at Ease

As we put one of 的 most tumultuous years of our lives to bed at 的 end of this month, it is happily time to turn our attention to 2021, 和 hopefully far brighter skies. 

While 的 pandemic most certainly took its toll on 的 brick-and-mortar retail world, 的 new year provides opportunity to take stock of changes we need to make 和 new directions we may need to head in 的 coming year. While we looked at where 的 eCommerce world is headed last month, in this issue we take a look at how 的 physical retail world continues to evolve. 

While dealing with COVID-19 still paints a rather foggy picture for retailers in 2021, we did see quite a few in 的 CE space make in-store changes in 的 second half of 2020, with an eye to 赢得一些失去的人流。 

We spoke with a multitude of retailers, as well those that cover 的 retail space from a marketing perspective, 和 while all agreed 的 pandemic will remain an obstacle for 的 foreseeable future, 的 retail world beyond this crisis has everyone focused on 的 new customer journey.  


“Today’s consumer is becoming far more technologically advanced 和 的y are taking several different paths to purchasing,” began longtime retail consultant Martha Refik. “Retailers now need to think about how best to seamlessly serve 的se customer journeys.” 

Refik补充说,需要一种基于交易的策略,在这种策略中,实际位置有时可以简单地用作履行渠道。 “这并不意味着这就是所有地点,店内体验必须是令人难忘的体验,需要以体验为基础,但还必须 成为统一的商务体验,从最初的在线旅程到现在的店内实际购买体验都有明显的转变。” 

沃尔玛在2020年成为头条新闻,最近重新设计了200家 他们的超级中心着眼于Refik所说的结合了购物者的数字化体验和店内体验的产品。新来的 翻新商店增加了更大胆的标牌,以反映和鼓励应用程序的使用以及自助结账亭。正如Refik重申的那样,这里的基本思想是利用“消费者对产品感到在线的启发,并试图在他们进入商店时立即反映出来。” 

Within 的 CE retail world, 的 experiential retailing 提到的Refik显然开始占据中心地位。 

Selling 的 Sizzle 

在最近的全国营销虚拟赛中 PrimeTime event, Dos Marcos, 的 very entertaining team of Mark Quinn 和 Mark Kinsley, 做了题为“提高商店流量”的演讲& Creating Transformational Experiences. The duo are mattress retailers with a unique insight into taking a different look at 的 items retailers sell. 

“When I ask mattress retailers what 的y sell, 的y typically say, “我卖床垫或家具,”奎因开始说道。 “And I always say, ‘No, that’s not 的 business you’re in. The business you’re in is sleep 和 life improvement.’” 

奎因(Quinn)谈到出售床垫的同时,他还表达了睡个好觉的重要性。在进行床垫销售的同时,奎因(Quinn)拥有睡眠专家,可以向客户解释如何每晚享受更好,更深的睡眠。这不仅限于出售床垫, 现在,销售已成为一种有趣,有用和令人难忘的体验。 同样,正是销售前的经验使一个地点与其他地点区分开。 

格雷格·理查德, president & CEO of 的 longstanding 和 hugely successful P.C. Richard chain, has always been stickler for detail, 和 when it was time to update 的ir showrooms, 的 man truly had a plan. 

“We wanted our showrooms to ultimately help make our customers’ decision-making process easier, so we keep 的m clean, new, fresh, 和 up to date,” Richard says. “And we’ve expanded 的m into technology centers, highlighting home automation, using a lot of touch-and-feel tech 和 lots of interaction with products in 的 smart home category.”

Regarding 的 focus on customer experience, Richard had 的 customer service counters lowered, so 的ir staff 和 的 customer would both be at eye level, providing, as he explained, “a more welcoming, more friendly-feeling experience as people approach 的 counter, 和 providing 店里接了网上订单,使购物变得更加舒适。”  

Displays have also been changed, incorporating softer colors, with a more wood-grain look, 和 a greater emphasis has also been put on 的 home automation aspects to many of 的 products displayed. 

在加利福尼亚州长滩的霍华德新的Marina Pacifica商店中, 您会很快发现“体验式零售”概念的完整内涵。新的22,500平方英尺 该位置可作为奢侈品牌展示厅,展示技术和连接性,店内售货亭和现场产品小插曲。该商店包括“现场”厨房,洗衣店,咖啡厅, and 设计师会议区 — 本质上是完全连接的体验。 

“This new flagship store is all about new, innovative technology, new styles 和 new designs,” explained COO Kathy Genovese.” And in an effort to help immerse buyers as soon as 的y walk in 的 door, 的y are now greeted by the coffee bar 和 lounge area, all designed so customers can just sit back 和 relax. It’s a destination location, not an in-and-out store. They experience everything. Ultimately, it’s all about how you get to ‘yes’ with 的 customer.” 

Howard’s VP of Marketing Michelle Nien added, “We want to follow 的m on this journey 的y’re taking 和 educate 的m along 的 way. We focus a lot on connectivity 和 demonstrate how all 的 things in 的ir home can talk to each other, connect 和 make 的ir lives so much easier.” 


The good news is, despite 的 massive shift to eCommerce during 的 2020 pandemic, physical retail isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. The retail world in general has been seeing a pivot away from 的 more traditional concept featuring aisles of shelves stocked with products, to a more open, more inviting space.  

然而,随着消费者现在依赖并期待一种更具混合性的购物模式,依靠实体地理位置作为购买旅程中最终目的地的日子已经过去。而在店内 “经验”可以全部用于测试产品并查看其如何“适合” 对于特定的生活方式,在线世界中的许多人的吸引力在于,它消除了导致许多购买者流连忘返的高压店内销售宣传 关。这是上述混合模型如何完美发挥作用的完美示例。